LDS & Neighbors helpful flyer – CIRCULATE!

LDSNeighbors(download PDF)

Per our General Plan, demolition permits require discretionary review and cannot be simply handed out over the counter by the building department even if you are a church organization. There’s plenty of controversy in the record to show that this demolition requires discretionary environmental review.


How can the City justify issuing a demolition permit with “no conditions” ?


  •        What about the asbestos in the building?
  •        What about dust suppression?
  •        What about dump truck traffic and hours of operation and noise levels?
  •        Where does the waste go?  In the basement?  In the landfill?
  •        What’s the carbon footprint for the demolition as opposed to the retention       and reuse of the building?
  •        What will replace the Meeting House?  Six homes with six secondary units?
  •        What about the underground water flow across and off the property known      as Spring Hill?
  •        Will the disturbance to the site cause new unanticipated water run off?
  •        Will there be toxics in the water?
  •        Has the Regional Water Quality Control Board been contacted?  If not, why?
  •        What about a Grading Permit and re-vegetation of the site?


What can I do to protect myself and the neighborhood?

1)  Attend the Planning Commission meeting tomorrow night, Tues. at 7:00 in City Hall and demand that the city require an environmental review with limiting conditions for any ground disturbance to the site.


2 )  Email Larry Oetker, the Community Development Director at


3)  Email the City Council



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