Peter Martin Letter to CA Attorney General Kamala Harris over federal interference with local legal cannabis grow and dispensary

Your email to the Attorney General states:

This is a General comment/inquiry

First Name: Peter
Middle Initial:
Last Name: Martin
Address Line: 917 Third Street
Address Line 2:
City: Eureka
State: CA
Zip: 95501
Area Code:
Phone Number:

Comment Or Question Message: Hon. Kamala Harris
Attorney General
State of California

Dear Attorney General Harris:

This is to complain about federal interference with cannabis dispensaries that are lawful under California law. As you know, Eric Holder and Barack Obama promised not to disturb cannabis growers and distributors who complied with state law. The recent crackdown by the four U.S. Attorneys in California breaks this promise. Northgate Organics, a lawful, tax-paying dispensary in Mendocino County was raided by federal agents despite paying taxes and having been certified as lawful by the Mendocino County Sheriff. This is to request you use your influence to dissuade the U.S. Justice Dept. from continuing this unwise and ill-considered course of action.

This so-called “crackdown,” coming fifteen years after the passage of Prop. 215, will not work. It will simply drive the production and distribution back into purely unlawful channels, causing greater unrest and criminal gang violence. For the past fifteen years, honest and hard-working mom-and-pop dispensaries have sprung up all over the state. They are good neighbors and they pay taxes. The feds claim that small business is the backbone of America. Thousands of legal jobs have been created; now the administration is threatening to destroy livelihoods and jobs.

Are they are dumb and hypocritical as these actions make them appear?


Peter Martin


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